Code Enforcement / Building Inspection

The Charlton County Code Enforcement Officer enforces the Property Maintenance Code and the Existing Building Code as authorized by the State of Georgia. This office addresses unsightly property, junk collection, trash/rubbish, and abandoned automobiles as well as similar issues.

The goal for our county is to encourage citizens to bring tidiness to their property and achieve compliance with the proper official codes. If a citizen does not comply as directed, a citation will be issued to appear in Charlton County State Court.

The court has the power to compile compliance and issue fines and/or other appropriate consequences.

Building Codes

Why are there building codes?
The main purpose of building codes is to protect the public’s safety when it comes to the construction and occupancy of buildings and residences. The building code becomes a law of a particular jurisdiction when formally adopted by the designated governmental or private authority.

What building codes does Charlton County follow?

Charlton County implements the International Building Code, 2018 Edition, with Georgia Amendments and the International Residential Code, 2018 Edition, with Georgia Amendments.

Helpful Links: 
State of Georgia Construction Codes
International Building Code
International Residential Code

Code of Ordinances of Charlton County, Georgia

To view the Code of Ordinances of Charlton County, Georgia.


Inspector with clipboard

All inspections require a 24-hour notice. Any requests for inspections called in after 9 am will be scheduled for the next day. To request an inspection, call 912-496-3826.

Licensed Contractors

All electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work must be done by a licensed contractor licensed by the Secretary of the State of Georgia. There are no exceptions!

All residential and general contractors must be licensed by the Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors. Read this law in its entirety.

If you want to verify that a contractor has a current license, access the search form.


By law, a State of Georgia licensed contractor must pull all construction permits. However, a homeowner is allowed to pull a construction permit to build their personal home every 2 years. All other permits (Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, and Mechanical) require the State of Georgia licensed contractors. A homeowner may not pull their own electrical, plumbing or gas permits, and are only allowed to pull mechanical permits if the unit being installed is a packaged heating and air unit (Also know as "Self-Contained").