Volunteer Opportunities

Maybe It’s Time to Add a New Suit to Your Wardrobe, Volunteer Firefighters are Needed

The Charlton County Fire Rescue Department is continuously looking for motivated and dedicated individuals to help us serve Charlton County and provide the services needed to protect and educate our community.

We will provide the training and the equipment, all we ask is you provide the time.

If you have a desire to help those in need and have the time to dedicate to making our community safer for everyone, the first step is to apply to be a member.

An application can be picked up at any Fire Station or click the following link: 

Volunteer Firefighter Application (PDF)

When the application is complete and you have acquired the background check as required; bring the application to: 

Chief C. L. Lewis located at Station 1, 97 Railroad Street, Folkston, Georgia for review.

Once you pass the reference check and background check you will be invited to an assessment. This is just a way to see how we can help you develop into the best firefighter you can be. The assessment consists of the following: 

1. Written Assessment: This is to determine your reading comprehension level and if a mentor will be necessary.

2. Physical Assessment: Basic skills to assess your ability to manipulate firefighting equipment and to see if you have the physical capabilities to perform the work of a firefighter.

3. Peer Interview: This is a board of potential peers that will assess your answers to questions and how you communicate with others. 

When this is done and you are selected we will contact you for the next steps.