Elections and Voter Registration

Supervisor of Elections Brenda Hodges

The Charlton County Board of Elections and Registration was created July 1, 2011 by House Bill 569. The Board consists of three members all of whom are appointed by the Charlton County Board of Commissioners.

The Supervisor of Elections is also appointed by the Charlton County Board of Commissioners and is charged with the duty of conducting elections and voter registrations in the county. This office is here to serve the public and we hope that you always feel free to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.

Brenda Hodges, Charlton County Supervisor of Elections, has been in office since January 23, 2012. She is both a Certified Election Official and Voter Registration Official. Supervisor Hodges has successfully held numerous elections and is working toward improving the accessibility of our Voting Locations. She has many ideas for making every registered voter's experience at the polls, both early voting and on election day, a good one.

Request for Voter List

You can order a Voter List from the Supervisor of Elections. In order to do this, you must be logged into the website. You do this by clicking the "Sign In" button at the top right and click on the "Create Account" button or use your Facebook or Yahoo account to sign up. Follow the prompts from there and then you can sign in and go to Voter List Application.

Map of County Districts

County District Map (PDF)

Zoomed in view of Districts with the City of Folkston and the City of Homeland

Map With Cities (PDF)