The Charlton County Board of Assessors (BOA) is responsible for the preparation of the annual real and personal property tax digest in compliance with the laws of Georgia.  The Board of Assessors is comprised of five members, who are appointed by the Charlton County Board of Commissioners.

The Assessors Office receives Real and Personal Property Returns, Homestead Exemption Applications, Conservation Use Application, Forest Land Protection Act Applications, Timber Sale or Harvest Reports (PT-283) and Manufactured Home Returns.

The Assessors are responsible for mailing out the annual assessment notices and receiving  appeals. 

Our mission is to maintain a modern assessment office, which provides for fair and equitable property valuations along with exceptional customer service to the property owners of Charlton County.

The Charlton County Assessors office staff will be reviewing property on the Northern portion of the County this year.   We will be reviewing all manufactured homes in the County as well.  If you have any questions or concerns about this process please call our office at 912-496-7437.