St. Mary's & Satilla Rivers

The scenic rivers are ideal choices for boating, canoeing, fishing, swimming, picnicking and camping on their many white sandbars. There are five public boat ramps within the county.

The St. Mary's River, originating in the Okefenokee Swamp, is one of the most crooked rivers in the world. The St. Mary's is about 65 miles from its source to the mouth, the Atlantic Ocean. If the river were straight, it would be about 175 miles.

In the 1800s, old sailing vessels known as tramps would come hundreds of miles to procure drinking water from the St. Mary's River for their long voyages. The St. Mary's River divides Georgia and Florida. The Satilla River is in the northern part of Charlton County separating Charlton and Camden Counties. The scenic river is bordered by native trees and plants and is a favorite spot for fishermen.