City of Folkston Leak Adjustment Policy

The City of Folkston is committed to the conservation of water and wishes to encourage our customers to do their part to reduce lost water, by repairing leaks in a timely manner. While it is our responsibility to provide water to all our customers at each meter location, it is the customer's responsibility to properly maintain their water system and any irrigation system connected to their side of the meter. The customer (account holder) is responsible for any water loss due to leaks or breakage of their lines. The City of Folkston may grant a leak adjustment, in its sole discretion, subject to the following conditions:

  • Customer must make a written request for a leak adjustment on the proper form and explain what leaked, where it leaked and any other relevant factors. Proof that the leak(s) have been repaired must be provided in the form of a receipt for the purchase of supplies (if repaired by the customer) or from a licensed plumber. No leak credit will be issued without the submission of all appropriate documentation.
  • Leak adjustments may only be issued one time in a 12 month period and shall not exceed a one month period of leakage. Credits will be calculated by using a five month average of usage. The average usage is then subtracted from the highest meter reading that includes the leak. The difference in cost is calculated and the credit is applied to the sewer of the account.
  • The customer will be notified by letter as to the amount of credit and the remaining balance due.
  • The water leak must not have occurred as a result of a willful or negligent act on the part of the customer.
  • A sewer adjustment may be authorized in cases where the water leak did not discharge into the waste/water treatment system.
  • A sewer adjustment may be authorized in conjunction with the filling of a swimming pool.
  • During the period that the account is being reviewed, no penalties will accrue on the account; however, normal monthly payments are required to keep the account in good standing. The City Manager has final approval on any credit adjustments.