Community Emergency Response Team

Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)

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No matter how well local government prepares, an emergency or disaster may occur that overwhelms the community's response capability. The Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Program is a disaster preparedness program, Sponsored by the Charlton County Emergency Management Agency, that gives you a better understanding of the potential threats to your home, workplace and community. The training received with C.E.R.T. prepares you to take the right steps to lessen the impact of these hazards on yourself, your home, or workplace if a disaster should occur that overwhelms local response capability.

What is C.E.R.T.? A program that educates you on disaster preparedness, measures for hazards that may impact our area and trains you in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.

Why take C.E.R.T.? The primary reason for you to enroll in the C.E.R.T. training program is to gain the decision–making, organizational, and practical skills you need to offer immediate, effective and efficient assistance to family members, neighbors, and associates while waiting for help without placing yourself in unnecessary danger.

Who should take C.E.R.T.? Skills gained in C.E.R.T. are useful for almost anyone, but are especially valuable if you are involved with neighborhood watch, community organizations, communities of faith, school staff, workplace employees, scouting organization and other groups that come together regularly for a common purpose.

How do I sign up? You can obtain a registration form by calling the Charlton County Emergency Management Office at 912-496-1081 or send an email

  • Class 1: Overview of C.E.R.T. program
  • Class 2: Fire Safety
  • Class 3: Medical Part I
  • Class 4: Medical Part II
  • Class 5: Search and Rescue
  • Class 6: C.E.R.T. Organization
  • Class 7: Stress and Psychology
  • Class 8: Terrorism
  • Class 9: Review and Graduation

Each class runs between 2 and 3 hours depending on the topic. At the end of the program all students who have attended all classes and graduate will receive a C.E.R.T. back pack with many items that will identify them as C.E.R.T. members as well as items to help in responding to a disaster.