What is the GED test?
The GED test consists of five sub-tests. An individual passing the five sub-tests demonstrates a level of learning that is comparable to that of a traditional high school graduate. Most questions on the GED test are multiple-choice, and there is one essay. The five sub-tests are:

  • Language Arts, Writing: 120 minutes, 50 questions, one essay 

  • Mathematics: 90 minutes, 50 questions. Part 1 has 25 questions and test-takers are allowed to use the calculator provided by the testing center. Part 2 has 25 questions, but the calculator is not allowed. 

  • Science: 80 minutes, 50 questions 

  • Social Studies: 70 minutes, 50 questions 

  • Language Arts, Reading: 65 minutes, 40 questions

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1. What is the GED test?